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So, the last time I updated, I had called in sick to work because of a UTI.
Today, I went to Dr.Saunders, my family doctor, with my Nanny to get an antibiotic for my UTI that I got last night.
But today wasn't as good as my last one. 

I'm still in my 'transition summer.' Well, that's what I like to call it. a.k.a. my summer that sucks. 
Dad says I'm just in an akward stage between highschool and university. Which makes a lot of sense. Currently, I have a few friends, but I they don't like to hang out with me all the time. And Matt works all day, and we don't get along anymore.

It's actually pretty lonely. But I'm still working a fair bit. And I see my mom a lot. My dad has been gone away just to get Katie and bring her back here but they're home now. And I'll see him sometime by the end of the week.

Tonight me, Mom & Daniel are going to the exhibition. Matt's invited, but as usual, he'll probably bail on me. I'm not overly excited about going with my mom and brother. But neither is Daniel, and mom begged us to. She doesn't do rides, but she wants to go and eat, and look at the animals and all that stuff that you love about the exhibition when you're took short and too young to go on anything except the Merry-go-round.

News Flash: I just called Margaret and she wants to go to the exhibition tonight! And Murray, Margaret, Drew and AJ are going. I hope things work out :)

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