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this is what dreams are of

So tonight will be my last night of summer which is kind of sad. I'm kind of hoping to do something exciting.
Wednesday I got to UPEI. Thank God Margaret is going. And her friend Corey. Cause otherwise I would be totally lost. 
And yesterday I was supposed to sign up for FROSH but I didn't cause I didn't really know anyone that wanted to go. But I guess Patrick Garrity (Gerry Mitchel's cousin} is giving us a tour on Tuesday.
I know things will probably be fine when I get there. And if I'm a huge loser with no friends then I'll just do my work and so super good. Which is what I am kind of hoping for. I really want to do well in school.
But I have so many things I want to do. I want to be able to get a career with my business from UPEI. But I think as soon as I'm out of University, I'm going to work for a few years to get rid of my student loan and then I either want to take the Estitician (sp?) course or go to Holland College to be come a carpenter. Or even take the nursing program there. I just want to do a lot of school early. Cause peoples interests change and I would always have something to fall back on, or just something I can do on the side. I've always wanted to build my own house.

Last night. I hung out with Margaret & Bobby. Which was totally awesome cause I always love hanging out with Margaret when Murray isn't around. No offence to Murray or anything, but I guess it was just me and her in the beginning and to do it like old times is nice sometimes.

My summer totally sucked but things have gotten so much better lately. Matt and I are getting along SO much better then we were. Me and Margaret still keep in touch. And me and Jill are friends again. Not to mention Brittany got a new cell phone so now I hear from her all the time. But I'm still working on hanging out with Bobby. 

And I went from work 41 hrs. this week, to 12 and 1/2 this week. haha I'll be poor but it'll be awesome not to have to work all the time :)
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