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... call an ex boy/girl friend? Oh many times.
... break up with someone for a dare? No probably not. That's kind of junior high.
... date someone on a dare? Probably not. That's mean and I don't think I would want to date them at all if someone had to dare me.
... cheat on someone? I have before. I don't think I would now.
... give a person the wrong number? haha Oh yes
... date your sibling's friend? Well if they were friends with Daniel but not his age.
... be in a long-distance relationship? I want to say yes but I don't think I would be able to do it.
... kiss and tell? Yea. sometimes.
... pressure someone? I did. But I wouldn't anymore. Good luck finding a guy that you would have to pressure him.
... give in to pressure? Not if it was anything that I really didn't want to do. I'm not stupid like that.

... "date" someone? haha Yes. Gotta love the good ol' days.
... have cyber sex? Yea but it wasn't real hot. And me and Margaret used to do it and laugh our asses off when we were in grade 5 and 6. Cause we're sick and twisted
... pretend your someone else? Um, maybe on like a fake account or something.
... lie about your looks? Um no. My age, yes.
... meet a stranger in person? haha Yep. Went to Summerside to meet Chris Jeffery. Met Jeremy Fall at a hockey game.
... sell a used napkin on ebay? No. But in all honesty. It wouldn't be a bad idea. You can sell anything on that shit.
... buy a used napkin on ebay? Yea, it was Paris Hilton's and she used it to wipe her bum :O!
... look at porn? haha me and Matt watch the french stuff when it's on sometimes! 
... steal someones password? Um no
... read another persons email? Yep.

... pee in a bush? Yes
... makeout with your boy/girl friend? Yes
... yell "I'm a transexual" in a crowded area? If you made me.
... moon a stranger? haha I have before. Once with Meaghan and Sarah going through the lights by the mounty barracks.
... wear pajamas? Not a whole lot. I don't really even wear pajamas to bed. Just take my clothes off and sleep in my underwear or my birthday suit.
... flash someone? Maybe. That's kind of trashy I think.
... have sex? Depends on where. Not like in front of Province House in the middle of the day or anything.

... go streaking in a busy restaurant? Yep
... pull down a strangers pants? Yes, but I'd give him some money for sure.
... eat dog crap? How much? But probably.
... kick an old ladys ass? haha Not like brutally.
... fight a hobo for his sandwich? Yea but then I'd take him out to eat.
... get drastic surgery? haha What kind of surgery?
... date someone twice your age for years? haha 36? Ouch.
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