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loves life.

These are my latest expensive purchase. I bought them in Halifax with Mom last weekend and I love them!
Loves it!
Click on the camel color. That's what I got.

I haven't seen my friends in so long. I have all the end of the year school shit to get done this week and then Tues.-Fri. next week, I write 5 finals. IN 4 DAYS! I have Math, Economics, English, Business and Psychology. It sucks but at the same time, I'm done school for Christmas break on Dec. 8th! So this is the plan, I'm finishing my exam at approx. 11am on Friday and getting hammed all day. That's as far as I got. But Dad gets home on Dec. 7th! Oh yea and I'm working for the 2 weeks I have off before Christmas so I have lots of Christmas spending money for presents. Matthew needs a new cellular + something a little more personable obviously.

Living at home is so much less stressful. I've been so stupid. But me and Matt are back on our own March or April. Thank goodness. Fourteen year old brothers are the hugest pain in the ass. Especially when they have to be reminded to wash themselves and brush their teeth. Blah.
Mom have Pennie a hair cut. I'll have to take a picture. haha She's soooo ugly. 

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