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seems like it's been forever that you've been gone.

So things have kind of taken a turn for the worse.
Matt like hates me. For absolutely no reason. I went to his friend (and my friend) McKenna's yesterday for no more than 2 hours with Jill. Jill and McKenna are exes that have become civilized over time. So there is NO REASON that I shouldn't be there. I've even slept over at McKenna's (when Jill was there) and Matt didn't get mad. But lately it's gotten really bad. He LOVES to hang out with his friend Kyle...Kyle Richards. You may know him. If so, I'm sorry. But yea...Matt hates me. I want a sweet boyfriend who takes me for walks in the snow and loves me. Nothing overly mushy, just something other than this. Cause now I'm just wasting my time, and his too.

My car died. Well, I keep saying that but really the exaust pipe fell out. The man called from Petro last night and said it was gonna be 300+. Dad will be home on Thursday night anyways so whatever. Not that I want to make him pay for this, but I just get really stressed out. Like really bad. Matt calls me crazy all the time. That doesn't help things. And I'm always in tears. It's actually really pathetic. I never ever wanted to move away from P.E.I. Everyone knows that about me. Right now I am at the point that I just want to get away from here.

I've like SUPER cut down on smoking weed. Like every 2nd or 3rd day. And yes, thats a huge cut back considering I got baked anywhere from once a day to like 5 times a day. For a year, there were only 3 days that I didn't smoke weed at all. I find that it really fucks with my mind, my memory and my emotions. I still LOVE to get baked, but I have school I need to finish. I write an exam tonight at 7, tomorrow night at 7, the next day at 9am and 7, and the next morning at 9. So don't plan on hearing from me. But after that?

I'm buying at least a quart of Captain Mo' and bringing my canned DP (diet pepsi) and getting hammed. Plus I need cigs and a little bit of greenery.
haha I can see Mom's cat outside running in the snow. It's cute. And Pennie got a bath last night. She's looking much better.

I love that it snowed. I want to put on my snowboarding boots, and pants. Coat, mitts, the whole sha-bang and at least take a walk. There is nothing better than playing outside when you're all bundled up. I hate being cold.
I found out I'm going to NFLD in Feb,
Mom wants to take me somewhere hot for Spring Break cause I don't have any other friends in university so no one else has a "spring break."
Dad still owes me a trip cause me and Daniel both got to choose a trip to go on, since Dad sold the house. Daniel already went on his.
I'm making as many plans as possible to at least get away for a little.
Dad and Katie are heading to Hawaii soon cause she has land there. That would be really fun to explore.
Anywhere I can fry myself in the sun, hammer the Pina Coladas and smoke all the cigs in the world.
haha How sad.
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